iPhone Parental Control App: Safeguarding Childhood, Ensuring Safety.

The iPhone Parental Control App is a comprehensive monitoring and management tool designed for parents. With a focus on real-time surveillance, this app not only allows you to manage your child’s smartphone usage but also keeps you informed of their activities and movements.
Whether you, as a parent, use an Android or iOS device, or your child uses an Android or iOS device, our app is designed to bridge the gap and provide seamless, cross-platform support.

Empowering Parents, Protecting Kids

iphone parental control app

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Key Features of iPhone Parental Control App

Live Monitoring

Stay connected to your child’s environment. This feature allows you to remotely view and hear what’s happening around your child for added security.

Track Location

Stay aware of your child’s whereabouts with our location-tracking feature. Ensure their safety by knowing where they are at all times. Set Geofence to restrict their moving range.

Block Apps

Maintain control over what your child can access. Our app blocking feature lets you restrict unsuitable apps, ensuring a safe digital environment.

Screen Time

Promote healthier digital habits. With our screen time management feature, you can set limits on your child’s device usage.

Content Shield

Safeguard your child from harmful online content. Our content filtering feature helps you block inappropriate and unhealthy material.

Daily Usage

Our daily usage report provides a comprehensive overview of your child’s smartphone usage, helping you make informed decisions.

Benefits of iPhone Parental Control App

With iPhone Parental Control App, you can tackle these common parental concerns effectively, ensuring your child’s digital safety while promoting healthier device usage habits.

Combat Screen Addiction

The addictive nature of smartphones is a growing concern for many parents. Our screen time management feature empowers you to set healthy limits on your child’s device usage, preventing potential screen addiction.

Combat Screen Addiction
Ensure Online Safety

Ensure Online Safety

The digital world can expose children to inappropriate and harmful content. Our Content Shield feature safeguards your child’s online experience by blocking unsuitable material.

Track Location

In today’s fast-paced world, keeping track of your child’s whereabouts is crucial. Our location tracking feature ensures your child’s movements never go unnoticed, providing you with peace of mind.

Track Location
Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

Being aware of your child’s environment is essential for their safety. Our live monitoring feature allows you to remotely view and hear what’s happening around your child, helping you detect any potential dangers promptly.



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bind up to 2 devices


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bind up to 5 devices


$ 59.99

bind up to 10 devices

What parents say

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The iPhone Parental Control App has been incredibly useful for our family. It’s easy to use, effective, and provides the peace of mind we were looking for. Highly recommended for all parents navigating the digital world with their children.


iPhone Parental Control App – A Powerful Tool for Child Safety

In this digital age, the safety of children online is a significant concern for parents. The iPhone Parental Control App aims to address these concerns effectively, providing a comprehensive solution for parents seeking to monitor and supervise their children’s smartphone usage.

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Understanding the Need

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and children are no exception. While these devices provide numerous educational and entertainment benefits, they involve risks of exposing children to inappropriate content, such as cyberbullying, shady things, spam, misinformation, etc. It’s easy to grow unhealthily attached to phones, too. The iPhone Parental Control App is designed to combat these risks, offering a range of features that empower parents to create a safe and healthy digital environment for their children.

Key Features

The app are exploring a range of powerful features. Live Monitoring allows parents to stay connected to their child’s environment, providing real-time views and sounds from around the child. Location Tracking ensures parents are always aware of their child’s whereabouts. The App Blocking feature allows parents to restrict access to unsuitable apps, and Screen Time Management helps prevent screen addiction by setting timers on device usage. The Content Shield feature blocks inappropriate and malicious content and the Daily Usage Report provides comprehensive statistics of the child’s smartphone usage.

Designed for iPhones

Unlike many other parental control apps, the iPhone Parental Control App is specifically designed to work seamlessly with iOS platforms. Many parental control apps struggle to manage iPhones effectively, but this app excels in offering highly functional management features for iPhones. It doesn’t require jailbreaking and can be easily installed on your child’s device. The compatibility with iOS makes this app, an excellent choice for parents seeking an effective solution for iPhone parental control.

Pricing Plans

The app offers flexible pricing plans to suit different family sizes and needs. The Monthly Subscription supports 1 parent device binding up to 2 kid devices, the Quarterly Subscription supports 1 parent device binding up to 5 kid devices, and the Annual Subscription supports 1 parent device binding up to 10 kid devices. We offer budget-friendly picks, as each plan is affordably priced and customized for your family.

What Parents Say

Feedback from parents has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents appreciate the app’s ease of use, effectiveness, and convenience it provides. They have found it to be a valuable tool in navigating the challenges of parenting in the digital age.

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In conclusion, the iPhone Parental Control App is a comprehensive, powerful, and user-friendly tool that addresses the concerns of modern parents. Its powerful features, combined with its excellent compatibility with iPhones, make it a leading choice for parents seeking an effective parental control solution. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re keeping your child safe in the digital world. Try our 3-day free trial today.

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